Framing Dr. Wakefield

When you had this threat of litigation, then they came down very, very hard. What happened was that a journalist by the name of Brian Deer, a freelance journalist working on behalf of News International, Rupert Murdoch, came after me and contrived a story, a fairy tale so fanciful of this evil doctor, living in this mansion, and wreaking havoc upon the children of the world in an attempt to profit and to make himself a legend in the history of medicine. It took my life story and rewrote it. It was a strategy, a deliberate strategy, a public relations strategy to say, “We discredit this man. We isolate him from his colleagues. We destroy his career. Then we say to other physicians who might dare to get involved in this, this is what will happen to you.” It’s very, very sad, because good doctors, honest doctors said, “Andy, I know this is right. I know it’s right.” They wrote it was right. Internal communications confirmed their beliefs that it was right.

When it came to doing the right thing by these children, then it was not going to be good for their careers, and the stepped back. It had the desired effect. Do I feel that I was framed by the pharmaceutical industry? Yes, I think I was. Why me in particular? There were thirteen authors on that study, many of them the most eminent people in their field. They went after me because I joined in the litigation as an expert against the manufacturers, and I wrote to my colleagues that I can no longer support the continued use of this vaccine, MMR. I will continue to vigorously support the use of the single vaccines, the single measles, mumps, rubella, but cannot support the use of the triple vaccine. I think it’s because I put myself in that outspoken position that then they came after me in particular.

Another allegation is that I was in my mountain lair, secretly making this single vaccine, which was a competitor to MMR, would put MMR out of the market, discredit it, and then bring my own vaccine onto the market and clean up. That was the idea from Brian Deer. What we had at the time was a patent, the medical school owned the patent, not me. It was a patent on a thing called Transfer Factor. It’s a naturally occurring nutritional supplement that occurs in breast milk, for example, that boosts the immune response. Whether it worked or not is another question. That’s what we sought to try and find out. It boosts the immune response to an infection like measles. This could not prevent children from getting measles, so it didn’t act like MMR at all. What it did was to help them clear the virus once they became infected. It could never have competed with MMR vaccine. Never, because it did not work in the right way.

This was explained in great detail to Brian Deer. He completely ignored it. It remained that it was a competitor to MMR, and I was simply trying to clean up financially, and put this onto the market. Brian Deer’s association with the vaccine manufacturer, Smith Klein Beecham, who went on to Glaxo Smith Klein, was a very close one, a very intimate relationship. He’d originally been a critic of their drug, AZT, but had since been given exclusive rights to some of their adverse drug reaction data in some exchange, some deal that had gone on between them. Beyond that point, I believe he became their kind of attack dog. How could a single journalist achieve what Brian Deer achieved so effectively? It was the will of the government, and it was the will of the pharmaceutical industry, and it was the will of the media.

At that time, James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch, and part of News International, was on the board of Glaxo Smith Klein as a non-executive director. His job on the board of the vaccine manufacturer was to protect that industry’s reputation in the media. There was this very incestuous cabal involving government, media, and the industry, that all wanted this outcome. They were going to get it. Against them there was me. Now, accuse a researcher of fraud in thirty seconds, and it takes a lifetime to turn that around, and they know that. They know how vulnerable doctors are. Now, the fraud allegations were completely false, but you don’t have to take my word for that.

There’s now been a thorough investigation and examination of the original data used in the Lancet paper by an ex senior scientist from the Environmental Protection Agency, Doctor David Lewis. I’d never met him before. He took all of the original files and analyzed them and showed categorically and definitively that I had not been involved in any fraud at all, but the fraud had taken place on the part of Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal. They had fraudulently misrepresented our work at the Royal Free in order to achieve the effect that was ultimately achieved. That is the perception worldwide that this study was fake, it was false, it was made up, and there is no substance to it.

— Andrew Wakefield, MD

source: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Deals With Allegations


One thought on “Framing Dr. Wakefield

  1. I know, how all of these folks could just blindly believe this absolutely disgusting man with links to some of the absolute worst right wing psychos and a big drug company, not ever inquire about the source of this absurd information at all, I do not know. Complete idiocy. Let’s hope that a lot of naive folks can begin to better understand how criminal and underhanded elements of this industry are so they won’t be duped so quickly next time. Thank you for your perseverance. Best wishes.

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