MMR Vaccine Safety

Now, by that stage, as a researcher, I had looked in great detail at the safety studies of MMR. I became very, very concerned that those studies were totally inadequate. Now, this is not just my opinion, because subsequently, what is called the Cochrane Review, which is one of the gold standard reviews of the medical literature, has come forward and said the same thing. Their words were that the safety studies, the pre-licensing safety studies of MMR vaccine were largely inadequate, particularly compared with the single vaccines. In other words, the safety studies of the single vaccines were better.

For example, if I went to the Food and Drug Administration, and I had three anti-hypertensive drugs, three blood pressure drugs, and I said, “I’ve got these three drugs. I’ve got a license for each one individually, but I want to put them together in the same tablet. Can I just put the three licenses in a folder and hand it to you and get a license for the combined drug?” They would throw me out the door, quite rightly. They would say, “Come back when you have done a comparative study of every drug in combination with the other, and compared them with the single drug for side effects, for adverse reactions.”

That should have been done with the MMR vaccine, and it was not. There were many assumptions made about the safety of this vaccine, and I believe that children are now paying the price for those assumptions.

— Andrew Wakefield, MD

source: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Deals With Allegations


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