Retraction of the Lancet Paper

The Lancet paper was withdrawn on the basis of two allegations. One, that the children were sequentially investigated. In other words, these are children who came in one after another. What that means is you’re not saying, “We took just the children we wanted because they told us the story we wanted to hear and we left out the others.” You take them sequentially so you include all the children. It avoids bias. That is the correct way to do it.

The other reason is that it was claimed by Brian Deer, and subsequently the GMC, that there was no ethical approval, in America, investigational or institutional review board approval for the study itself. It was a clinical study. It didn’t need ethical approval, but the analysis of the biopsies from the intestine did. There was ethical approval. That was in Deer’s hands when he made the allegation, and he deliberately withheld that information from the General Medical Council. It was an obstruction of justice.

— Andrew Wakefield, MD

source: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Deals With Allegations


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