The Lancet Study

The Lancet Study itself arose out of seeing many of these children with the same presentation. Normal development, regression, and autism spectrum diagnosis, gastrointestinal symptoms, and bowel inflammation. It was putting that story together in one package and saying, “Here are the first twelve children that we’ve seen. This is what we find. This is remarkable, it’s consistent. It suggests the emergence of a new human disease syndrome.

The parents report the regression occurred after MMR vaccine in many cases. That is now up for testing as a hypothesis. Subsequent studies should be done to actually elucidate whether that is true or not.” That was published as a case series in the Lancet in 1998, in February of that year. A press briefing was held at the request of the Dean of the medical school. Those findings were explained.

— Andrew Wakefield, MD

source: Dr. Andrew Wakefield Deals With Allegations


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